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Loolks like ST springs are done for the MK2

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I ordered a set from JC Whitney 2 months ago. They had the rear pair but not the front's, they sent me the rears but ST never filled their order for the 2 front springs I need so now I guess I have to fight with JCW for a full refund including shipping since 2 springs wont do me any good. So I guess you can mark those off the list unless you can find someone who has them in stock. I hate this f-ing damned impossible car, sometimes I wish I had a Mustang!!!!!
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That's about when I ordered mine. They took my money for both and only sent me confirmation email for one set. I did get one set first then the second a few days later. Can't remember which was which though.
That sux, I ordered on June 13th I think it was Friday too!!! Maybe thats my problem. Ill just save up some more money and get some Eibachs I guess. The good news is Mach 3 has my springs now and they are shipping them out in the morninig.
Well that really sucks. :cry: I was just gonna order myself a set of front and rears from JCW and now they dont have them...... I guess I'll have to call them and see what's up with the springs before I try and order them :mad:
Also, don't forget the springs from down under, check with Robert Pina, seems like he can get Dobinsons and maybe Whiteline springs.
They are still almost $40 cheaper at JCW than at NOPI. If I can get them at JCW I am going to still try.
I think the dobbinsons have a huge amount of drop. Too much for my taste anyway. Let me know what you find out about the ST's from JCW maybe if they got a few orders in they would actually make more. Anyone have a way to contact ST directly, I cant seem to find any info on them?
well, you could always do what im doing, use the st's for the rear and coilovers for the front.
Thats true but who makes them for thr frunt??? Ive been trying to find a shop that sellls them???
ground control makes coilovers for the front. you just buy them for the same year celica. also, front coilovers for 92-98 honda preludes will work and are available on ebay cheap.
Are you sERIOus a honda part on a mk2 supra????? whats the part #????
look on ebay. do a search for prelude coilovers. buy a set for a 92-98 prelude. the front springs should be the right spring rate. i dont know the part number for the ground control coilovers. look on their site for 82-85 celica gts.
yeah, thats it, but why buy those for $200 when you can buy these for $60?
yeah, thats it, but why buy those for $200 when you can buy these for $60?
XOXO sells some cheap knock off shiet. I bought a filter which was super cheap and I've seen some of the other stuff too. Judging by that, I don't know if his coilovers would even be worth $60. They probly havent even had the R&D put in em to have the right spring rate.

well, i just listed those as they were the cheapest ones there. i bought a set of drop zone coilovers and they ran me $80 shipped for the whole set of 4 and i sold the rears for $40 so i got my front coilovers for $40. if the spring rates arent right i will shell out $100 for a set of springs the rate i want and its still $60 cheaper then ground control.
Wes, do you already have the Dobinson's springs? Which ones did you get?

William is right, you can use cheap coilover kits with the proper spring rate. It's lots of hassle to do though. Also, you will notice the difference between cheap coilovers and GC when you try to adjust them and they are stuck, or they come loose.

I offer GC, or the cheap ones with the proper spring rate.. Any level of quality that you desire.
No I didnt get them but I think I remember somone posting a picture a while back and it looked really low. The camber was terrible, it looked like all the ricer hondas around here who cut their springs and their fenders get all dented up because ther 30 inch rims are hitting it all over. Maybe I am remembering something else though.
williamb82 said:
yeah, thats it, but why buy those for $200 when you can buy these for $60?
Well in any case I'm going to go with the gc coilovers its made for a toyota and they look better built
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