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Lost & NOT Found Rare Supra

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Sorry that this is technically a repost but here it goes again….
Trying to recover my father’s rare MK.II Supra that was donated in NY of 2001. Refer to other of my discussions on my profile for more information. (I will post pictures below) My question is, has anybody seen this car on the road, parked somewhere, or in a lot? To those reading this, do you happen to know someone who owns the car? Do you own it? Have you seen it in a junkyard? Auction? For sale? Have you seen it in a garage? Have you seen a post of this car on this website or a different website?

I am very dedicated to get this car back.

1985 Toyota Celica Supra Type-P Manual Transmission.
Super White II paint.
Blue GR86 Interior trim.
Blue Pin stripe on both sides.
Celica GT-S trunk/rear hatch (Not OEM).
Red Windshield Sticker on the right side.
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Look, we get that you want to see where this car ended up but the legwork is all on you. And to be honest if it was driven year round in that climate it was probably junked years ago.
I doubt it was junked being that during that time the car managed to stay mint condition for all of its life in NY. It survived being stolen, broke into, damaged, but I still have a connection to this car, I wouldn’t want any other supra on this earth other than that one.
Probably not necessary to make multiple threads, but I think its perfectly reasonable to ask here because, well, of course we all keep a look out for Supras all the time anyway, right? Some of us query Facebutt, Craigslist etc almost daily looking for projects or parts cars. If any one of us had spotted this recently, we'd remember. And we'd surely know that we didn't see just any old white Supra, but one with the wrong hatch and interior seat fabric is pretty specific and identifiable. Who better to ask than the addicts on the CelicaSupra forum. Let's keep our eyes peeled and hope alive, especially those of you in the northeast where its more likely to be.
Thank you for the inspirational speech, I need it…things have been rough lately, and I still have hope for this car, no matter if it’s a shell, wrecked, anything, I still want it back. Hopefully this over a decade long search will come to a victorious ending. This current year is the year I have been getting strong leads and great signs. Everybody has contributed greatly, and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without the members on this site. Sorry if this response has mistakes, I’m really tired.
If you can find the VIN, I will search it in the Registry...

That sounds really good, thanks. Is it guranteed that you will find the car through this?
Only if someone registered it previously. Again your best bet is getting access to old DMV records.
My father registered it in the 1990s, and as I was saying it was donated in 2001. Is that too long of a time?
Also, how would I get access to the old DMV records when I go to the DMV? I heard they will turn you away, so I want to go prepared on what things me and my father should say.
I really wish you well man. I hope you find the old girl.

I can't contribute to this search as I'm all the way in Australia...
I might be close to finding the car, but as closer as it gets I just have to consider things like money…. I wouldn’t mind buying the car if it was even just a shell but the money matters, and if the current owner wants to sell it.
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I was just wondering why a white/blue car is any more "rare" than any other MK II Supra? The only reason mine has survived almost 40 years in the rust belt is because in the early '90's I took apart everything I could and treated it with Waxoyl, and then took it out of daily driver service in 1997. It would be interesting if there was a way to know what percentage that were imported into North America are still registered.
The reason why this car is so rare is for two MAIN reasons, and those reasons are…

1.This car had some serious racing history and was almost recognized everywhere on the north east side of the U.S, sort of like a club scene that it was in.

2. This answers your question about why white supra’s with a blue interior are rare.

1985 White Supra’s with original blue cloth interior are pretty darn rare Worldwide as not many were manufactured from the information I have read about, but whats so special about this particular white supra with a blue interior is that it was part of a project from Toyota. Some informative people that worked behind the scenes of Toyota and some diehard enthusiasts from the 90s have told me that this car was taking place in part of a project where Toyota dealers sent these supra’s to a location where they will be tuned, equipped with TRD racing parts, and have some engine upgrades such as crankshaft, pistons, ecu(TRD ECU), cylinder head Etc. Similar to how Ford send’s their mustangs to Shelby to have them modified. Now this is just information that I have put together and gathered from enthusiasts and it may possibly be true.
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First time I read something like that about CelicaSupras. TRD ECU? Never heard of that either.
And honestlly, there is lots of white cs with blue interior, cloth and leather.
May be some areas got less of them, but overall, can't say they were rare.
Yup TRD ECU, it's a thing. And yeah there are a good amount of supra with blue interior but I have seen manyyy more leather than cloth ones.
Sorry, not a thing. There were a couple turbo kits like the HKS one but no special 'tuning packages' from TRD.

I get that you want to find this car but making up stories about it being special won't get you any extra help finding it, if it hasn't been scrapped.
I do want to find this car, but IF the information I have is a lie, it's not me lying as I did say I got this information from other enthusiasts. And I do think there are tuning packages from TRD because I remember seeing a member on this website post about selling pistons, camshafts, transmissions parts and on the box it said "TRD Tuning Celica Supra/Celica XX". I will try to find a image of these parts or boxes.
Jay, Could of been a package sold by ToySport?? IF I can find my ole ToySport catalog I'll advise??

Again 5M-GE engine correct??
Maybe, but when the car did have the original engine it had some type of TRD parts, mainly what I remember are camshafts. And yes, 5M-GE engine.
View attachment 22652 View attachment 22653 .

This is all I could find. From "The Toy Store"
That looks like a very interesting book, where could I buy it?
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