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Lost & NOT Found Rare Supra

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Sorry that this is technically a repost but here it goes again….
Trying to recover my father’s rare MK.II Supra that was donated in NY of 2001. Refer to other of my discussions on my profile for more information. (I will post pictures below) My question is, has anybody seen this car on the road, parked somewhere, or in a lot? To those reading this, do you happen to know someone who owns the car? Do you own it? Have you seen it in a junkyard? Auction? For sale? Have you seen it in a garage? Have you seen a post of this car on this website or a different website?

I am very dedicated to get this car back.

1985 Toyota Celica Supra Type-P Manual Transmission.
Super White II paint.
Blue GR86 Interior trim.
Blue Pin stripe on both sides.
Celica GT-S trunk/rear hatch (Not OEM).
Red Windshield Sticker on the right side.
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Probably not necessary to make multiple threads, but I think its perfectly reasonable to ask here because, well, of course we all keep a look out for Supras all the time anyway, right? Some of us query Facebutt, Craigslist etc almost daily looking for projects or parts cars. If any one of us had spotted this recently, we'd remember. And we'd surely know that we didn't see just any old white Supra, but one with the wrong hatch and interior seat fabric is pretty specific and identifiable. Who better to ask than the addicts on the CelicaSupra forum. Let's keep our eyes peeled and hope alive, especially those of you in the northeast where its more likely to be.
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I'm sure laws are different by state, but here in Texas, not anymore. Once upon a time, you could buy CD's full of all kinds of of state and federal records. I remember back when it was popular to assemble your own home computer that there used to be a big "First Saturday" flea market in the parking lot of the old Heathkit building in downtown Dallas. Vendors would sell bootleg software and some would sell all kinds of state and local databases on stacks and stacks of floppy disks or later, CDs (too expensive for me tho back then). In 1998, Texas law changed to "protect people's privacy" and they clamped down access to the TxDOT vehicle title and registration database. Now apparently the only way you can get access if you call up TXDOT and tell them that you need a copy of the database so that you can sell vehicle extended warranties by phone.
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