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Lots of kills

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I went to the track last weekend and racked up lots of kills. I blew by a couple G35 coupes, 2 350Zs, a WRX, some new Alpha, a first and a second gen RX7, and a few assorted others not worth mentioning. This was all just on the main straight. I was at Buttonwillow, running the big course and passed many more cars during the turns. On the trip home I managed to take out another 350Z, a newer model mustang, and a 84ish supra. I don't think the poor guy new what he was up against. Most people laugh when they see my car but the laughing stops as the turbo spools and I dissapear.

the newest boost addict
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so you got the motor in thats cool -- how much power u think your makin with my hatch? lol
:clap: Very nice, what mods do you you have on that beast?

ohh and what color is your car, just in case I see ya on the streets :shifty:
Watchout for spanks. I hear he put down some really big numbers out in Vegas.

Well, I had it dynoed and afterwards found out all the valves were loose by about .005 and the computer was knocking timing down to 7deg BTDC at anything over 4000rpm. With that said and done I made 210hp and 220lbft to the rear wheels on 10lbs of boost. As soon as I adjusted the valves it felt a lot stronger and then I figured out timing and it felt even better. I'm going to be going back to the dyno after I get some more miles on the car and get all the little gremlins sorted out. The engine had about 700 miles on it at the time of the dyno.
I think the hatch was worth at least 5hp to the wheels though, I mean that wing must help right? hehe My car is red with black fender flares and a black hatch. Gotta run to work, I'll post more later.
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