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Lots of problems.....

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I have a slight problemo. I just bought an 83 MkII, and it needs a fuel pump and fuel line. Does anyone know of any aftermarket options or should I go stock with these items?

Also the radiatior overflow valve (I guess that's what it is) is busted off. Could I just braze or solder a new one on or should I take it to a shop?

Does anyone know of a good performance shop in Northern California near sacramento?



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83, I believe is an extrenal type pump... so replacing it is not too bad. B&M makes a good external pump. And as for the fuel line, just about any braided fuel line will do a good job for ya.

As for the overflow neck (the piece that the overflow hose attaches to is what I am assuming you mean)... that can be welded back into place, or you could look for a replacement radiator from another Mk II Supra. I would check with a radiator shop about the repair. I did one on a 75 Pontiac Catalina with JB weld once... it worked, but thats not the right way to do it really..
Check out SMA (sacramento motoring accessories). They have pretty good prices. Deal mostly in honda of course, but can get pretty much anything.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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