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i have been thinking about lowering my car and i am not sure if u can...out of all the pictures i have seen of the MKII, none have been i am wondering, can it be done or is it that no one on this site likes to do it..?? thanks for any help...

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<------- *sings the Search Song* :whistle:

there are two springs that I can think of ST and Ebiatch (sp :wink: :lol_hitt: )

SUSPENSION TECH. (ST) are suppose to lower it 1.3"
and the EIBACH lowers it 1" (which doenst look lowered when put on)
there are a couple more but dont remember there names.
Many of our cars are lowered, but using aftermarket springs you will only get a 1.5" max drop with suspension techniques, around 1" for Eibachs.

So you will notice a dramatic drop from a picture, but that 1" sure makes a difference when you see your car every day. That 1" drop made me think that the stock height is that of a SUV.

I just finished lowering my car on the weekend (Kings springs) and damn, it's definitely low now! The wheels are well up into the guards and it looks very tough. I'll try to get pics during the week. :)
thanks for the help and i would deffinatly like to see some pics norbie...thanks


How much camber change did you get, and do the tires rub anywhere?
Plenty of camber change - too much in fact. :( I'm in the process of investigating adjustable rear camber, and I'll report the results here once it's sorted. Yes it is possible with some screwing around, it's just a question of how much! :)

I have noticed one of the rear tyres rubs on something occasionally, but it doesn't happen often - mostly when I hit a bump mid-corner causing the suspension to compress a lot.
As promised, here's some pics of my Supra with the springs installed. Note that they're brand new so the car will probably get slightly lower in the next few weeks as the springs settle.
One of the reasons I like the looks of the Mk2 is the stock Wheel/Ride Height/Rake relationships-I like the stock wheels and ride height-(Putting flame suit on :roll:) I really havent seen a set of aftermarket wheels I like better than Polished OEs-Or a lowered Supra that looked right to me-If I drove one and it was much better handling I might change my mind-Mike
Well Mike, you need to drive one. Put on the Eibachs and Tokicos and take the Supra for a boot. You won't go back to stock. :D
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