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LSD or Not?

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Hey All,

I have lifted my MA61 I found that when I spin one rear wheel, the other wheel spins the other way :?

Have I been jibbed and have a single spinner? or do I need the clutches repacked... And No... I don't want to rip a burnout!

Further more to add... I have had the car up on a hoist and when on drive, both wheels spin in the same direction. Does the Single Spinner do that?

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:oops: Dissregard this post :oops:

I took my car down a dirt track with mates and did a few line lockers and found both tyres spinning when stalling up the car...

you can still have a non-lsd rearend. look under your hood at the firewall plate right behind the engine. the last set of numbers'll say f**#

the ** can be any of many numbers but the # is either an odd or even(2,3,4,5) odd means LSD. even means non-lsd.

i've noticed i can spin both tires of my car(non-lsd) on the dry pavement and it seems everywhere else except LOW traction i'm talking LOW traction like peeling out in some guy you hate's grass low. then i notice it will tend to spin the left tire more.
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