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I like what Dreadydiggs said....
"Unfortunately, I don't have much to say here cause I don't have enough technical/mechanical knowledge to participate in many of the threads. But I love my Supra, and want to learn to do whatever work I can..."

I know a couple of people from the forums here *high-five to Shawn*, but for the most part, I'm a lurker.....I come on here pretty much every day, and scour the threads for new info....and as your links show, Junkie, there are a LOT of redundant posts.....I'd like to believe that people will try to search it out before they post, but what can you do? Myself, I'm stoked that is here....there's a lot of people who seem really cool and totally dig supras, and there's a huge amount of knowledge on this site----
Thanks, guys!!!
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