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First forum that I posted a lot on was Xbconnect back during the days of Halo 1. I got myself flamed basically the first thread I ever posted, but you hang in there and you become one of the flamers not the flamed haha.

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say here cause I don't have enough technical/mechanical knowledge to participate in many of the threads. But I love my Supra, and want to learn to do whatever work I can, until I actually need to do work I don't have anything serious to talk about really haha. So I check the place out everyday just reading and seeing what you guys are doing. I don't get on your bad side, you don't get on mine haha.

Sometimes though, is it really necessary? Getting mad at a guy who's making a new thread instead of using Search or asking that question that someone just got answered in the thread above his? Human nature we tend to think that we're the only people experiencing our problem. Someone may have a similar problem, but it isn't the same ya know? If you just bustin the dude's balls for kicks that's fine I guess haha, but I can say I think some take it a lil too serious. The forum gonna be the forum, and I'm sure if there are twenty threads that say "What can I do to get more HP?" the mods will take care of that ya know?

To end this, all I'm saying is tolerance helps keep peace.

Respect, Dready
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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