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Who all is going to the meet Mike Webber's organizing at MIR? It's June 27th-28th I believe. There is a post about it down a few threads and another one on supraforums, but I thought I'd start one here to get a reasonable count.

Mike put a bunch of info on his sf thread:

I got back from Englishtown today and really missed having my car up there. I went with my friend in his mkiv and sadly spent too much time looking at them and talking to their owners. The mk2s I did see, as thermactor said, were simply incredible. There were several 7m-gte mk2s there, one of them was just absolutely amazing. I forget the owner's name, but it was black with black simmons wheels, everything in tip top shape. The 7m had an HKS manifold and a t04something. Jim King's 7m-gte was there, so was Damon Saul's 7m powered mk1. Those virgin < 100k mile supras were really nice to see, as well. All in all, it was a fun weekend; aside from getting to see such nice mk2s, I got to see some incredible drivers in old skool mr2s and levins duke it out on the autox (they beat the SHIT out of any supra, of course :), and got to see some fast mkivs get into the mid 10s. Sunday's show and shine was not the greatest, but the day at the track kicked ass-- luckily at MIR, the show and shine is early saturday, followed by hours of racing.

There are many more I did not mention that were at the park all day Saturday that are certainly worthy of mention. Anyways, I digress, I hope there's a big turnout at MIR, to make up for e-town's bad weather and shitty jersey roads, and 'cause I'll finally get to go to a supra meet with my own car :)

'85 6m 5spd
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