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Maaco (uh oh...)

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I am starting to restore my new 84 Supra and am going to look into a Maaco job.

I was looking for feedback on what you paid for, what you got, and pictures of the finished results.

My plan is to sand off the clear coat and a layer or two of white paint and have them redo a few layers of white and re-clear the whole car. Anything glossy will look better than it does now.
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you that broke? If your doing most of the prep yourself just pick a good bodyshop that doesn't have the rep maeco does and get them to spray it. Most places charge around 500 to 600 to spray a whole car and the price of the paint, assuming you do the prep yourself.
Well I called Maaco today.

$249 for paint
$100-$150 for clearcoat

That is if I prep the car myself. Since they charge the same for 1 layer of paint as they do for a full paintjob, I am going to just sand as much as I can and primer it myself.

$350 + $50 for my own sanding/primering supplies ain't bad for a paintjob. Plus, it'll look much better than the 20 year old paintjob on the car right now.
Also, right now, yes I am that broke. :) I am dumping almost all of my money into my new automotive performance company at the same time trying to get this car restored.
Go for the clear coat, and like I said, check around. You'll find that most bodyshops prices just to spray are very resonable. I've seen enough maeco paint jobs to know to stay away. And if this car is going to be something of a showcase for your company, then you'll want it to look nice.
maaaaaco is CRAP ! dont go their get anyother place to do it.
onedic said:
maaaaaco is CRAP ! dont go their get anyother place to do it.
That says nothing to me at all without pictures of their work. What is your personal experience with them? Do you have pictures of work they did on your car showing "crap" quality?
Do we have to garauntee that its a Maaco paintjob? How about if we stronlgy suppect, but have never found the evidence (the previous owner has the paperwork, and I don't know where he has gone). If interested, I could show you some pictures of my 2 year old black paintjob pealing off...

In the automotive refinishing world, you'll just have to take people's word for it...Maaco does not spray a good paint job. They are sloppy, the paint job usually doesn't last (inferior materials), the car will be a massive runny, over-spray ridden mess.

I don't know of anyone on the forum that would use them. In automotive painting - you get what you pay for.

I know you want to save money...and doing the prep work yourself is very wise. However you can do the most awesome prep job and primer...and Maaco will come along with one of their $1.99 paint jobs (I think they hire their guys from Burger King) and trust me when I tell you - you will not be happy. Fixing a Maaco paintjob is not worth the hassle. You're better off not painting the car at all, and saving your money for a real body and paint shop.

I have seen the end result from Maaco on quite a few cars. Runs, orange peel, thin places in the paint and over-spray. You'd be better off driving the car around in a nice, even coat of primer.
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SupraRacer007, thanks for the advice.

btw, I saw you were in Fresno. I lived in San Jose from 1984-1988 then 1990-jun/2003. :) Not too far.
How about another amusing anecdote about Earl Sheib, a competitor to Maaco in the budget/ghetto market. My dad carpooled to work and it was the other guy's turn to drive for the week. He showed up Monday morning in his freshly painted station wagon (it had been sprayed at Earl Sheib the week before) and off they went to work, the man joyfully explaining what a bargain he'd gotten and how good his old wagon looked. Doing 60 on the freeway a small rock or something struck the hood and the paint started to peel. At first a tiny flap starting waving in the wind, then bigger and bigger until they got to work it had peeled off about a foot square. The man was so embarrassed that he dropped dad off a couple blocks away so other coworkers wouldn't see his peeling wagon, turned around home and called in sick the rest of the day. Dad drove the remainder of the week. The following week, dad's car-pool buddy had a brand new wagon because his wife told him she wasn't going to be seen driving the old one. :oops:

Phil D.
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how 'bout this, Nick. Take a drive down to Maaco in your area in the afternoon and check out some of the jobs they've done for the day. If they have a problem allowing you to see what they've done, they've obviously got something to hide. If they do let you take a peek, go over the vehicles very well. Check for overspray, orange peel, dusted areas, etc. If you feel comfortable with their quality, then go for it! However, I'd still take a spin to a few paint shops in the area too and see what kind of work they do, as well as their prices. You may just be pleasantly surprised...
Having had two MkIIs painted (in the original factory colors) over the past five years, and being very picky about any work that's done on them, I can tell you that you're better off saving your $$ for a while (even if it takes a year or so) and going to a shop (more specifically: a painter) that takes the time to take off parts that can be removed (like the flares, mirrors, window mouldings) and really doing a good job prepping the car before spraying it (including removing rust!!). I paid a lot more for my paint jobs but am damn glad I did....they computer-matched the color to Toyota's specs, there's no overspray anywhere and the clear coat is well done without any runs. If I couldn't have afforded it straightaway, I would have waited and saved for it. Trust me, if you really want to restore the car, save your bux and don't go to any of those bargain-basement places. You can save some money by stripping the car down yourself, also.

Phil Dupler has pretty much said the same thing, several times. His cars are gorgeous.

My $0.02 worth (USD, CDN, Aus$, GBP, whatever!)

-- Bob --
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I made the mistake of taking a car to Maaco once, back in 93 or so. It was a 79 Z-28 that I had just spent the better part of 9 months working on as part of a frame off resto on it.. I had stripped the entire body to bare metal, primered it and had it ready for spray. I was running low on cash and just wanted to get the car a "cheep Paintjob" to last it until I could get it done right...

So I trailered the car in on a buddies trailer (at this point it was a rolling chasis.. but it did have the wheels I planned on keeping on it ion). They said "just leave it on the trailer, it will make it easier for us to get it in the shop when we are ready for it." Three days later I get a call sayin that the car was done.. When I showed up that afternoon I nearly lost my mind... The paint looked like shit (really thin in area's, runs in the clear) AND the trailer was COVERED in overspray, was were my brand new spun aluminim rims. They never even took the car off the trailer.. and the scariest part, when I called the manager to complain about it, his response was "Oh, thats company policy actually."

I'd rather go to Rice-boys and get a dozen spray cans, and paint the car that way before going to Maaco..
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Maaco is great! Not only do they paint your car... but they will paint your radiator, muffler, corners of your windows and tops of your tires to match!
TOYMAN321 said:
Maaco is great! Not only do they paint your car... but they will paint your radiator, muffler, corners of your windows and tops of your tires to match!
Don't forget how they exactly match your tailpipe to the color of your car.
my dad got his van painted there. Overall it looks decent. But for what he payed, he could have gotten it painted elsewhere. There are runs in the paint, definatly some orange peel, and shoddy masking abound. Also he had a hell of time getting them to do what he asked. He had to go back several times to till he got what he asked for. The worst was, once they finished all of the prep, they found a couple small rust bubbles that weren't too visible before. The bastards actually painted over them! They refused to fix them as they weren't part of the original deal :roll: I ended up doing it myself and with some serious convincing we got them to respray the areas I fixed. Actually now that I think of it, I belive my dad had to pay a little bit more to get them to do that even. Anyways, the van looks decent now untill you look really really close (its bright red so it hides flaws well), but at 4grand it was no deal and was certainly not worth the headache.
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SupraFiend said:
....but at 4grand it was no deal and was certainly not worth the headache.
PLEASE tell me your talking about the cost of the van and not the paintjob....
4 grand at Maaco? You're kidding, right? I sure hope so! Maybe you meant 400.00. Yeah, that's it! I'm sure you just meant 400 bucks... Okay, now I'll sleep better!
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