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Manvir's 84P Build/Resto

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Yo, I never really introduced myself or my car properly on this site so here goes. My name is Manvir Brar and I live in British Columbia. I found out about these cars when I was searching for a first car last summer. Honestly, I had never heard of these cars till I first saw one on craigslist looking for a mkiii. When I first clicked on one, I was like daaaamn, I want dis. The day I went to buy the car, I walked out of my house and a black P-type zipped by my house... Coincidence? I recently got my license and have been driving the car for about 3 weeks, so I figure it's time to make a thread before I drop my phone and lose all my pictures. I got the car September 15th, 2013 and have since been fixing the issues and modifying other things small. For now, I'll just start with day one of ownership. Also thanks alot to this site, as I wouldn't have got half as far as I did without the information on here.

Edit: 8/2/2017

Photobucket sucks now and most my pictures in this thread are gone,

Theres a link to pretty much all of them in an unorganized album.

They are somewhat in chronological order, but not reallyyy.

Maybe if I'm super bored one day I'll replace the links in here and fix it up
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So, we drove to langley and met the owner of this.
The car wasn't in great shape, but even still I thought it looked awesome,

We bought the car, filled up the tires and towed it to my dads shop.

It was really dirty from around two years of sitting...

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Washing was heavy work, I needed an air gun to shoot all the branches/leaves and other shit from the crevices and then I could finally start washing it properly,

To this day, this pic is still one of my favourites of my car,

But yeah, a good wash later, and holy shit the car looks completely different.

Working dash,
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Sadly, a clean car doesn't mean a working car. We hooked up a battery booster and tried to start it but no luck. The starter was working and shit was spinning but the car wasn't getting any fuel :(

A fuel pump later and the car was running, albeit not great.

^Btw, my dads driving, and the guy filming is a worker at our shop, not me lol. He's a pretty funny guy
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I'll skip to the rust repair part now, since it took from September to June to fricken deal with and I just want to get it out of the way,
To start, we took off the rear flares and bumper.

I don't have pics of the passenger side, but it was pretty much the same as the driver side.

Then cutting and welding and priming.

Of course, nothing ever goes perfectly fine.

I took this pic as a joke to send on snapchat saying that "look my car's on fire" because as the body guy welded, smoke would often come out of the windows. After I took it, the smoke wasn't stopping like it usually would. I told the body guy that it was smoking alot, but he was like "don't worry" as he continued to eat. Finally he looked at it, and freaked out. I got to the lift to lower the car, and he grabbed the fire extinguisher. Luckily we saved the car in the end, but it still was damaged.

Alot of the interior in that area was melted, like the seatbelt and panels,

And a bunch of other plastic pieces in there are warped and don't fit right anymore. Some plastic even fused to the seat.

In anycase, after he finished rust patching on my car, I never went back to him for painting the car.

Here's a couple of good pics before painting the rear quarters/roof.

Sent the car to a different shop for paint,


Also, the windshield broke when removing to paint the roof, so that was replaced aswell.

A lot of people asked me why I chose to paint just the quarters/roof and not the whole car, here's why
1. My dad said he'd cover the cost of body and paint so I didn't want to spend alot of money on it
2. I didn't trust this body shop either as they fucked up and got clear coat overspray on my B-pillars, front bumper, rear bumper and inside the fucking car on the door inserts too. (How the fuck did they even do that?) And there's orange peel along the A-Pillars too...
3. Like I said, this process took from when I bought the car to June (Hence you can see other changes like the muffler), it was almost time that I got my license and I didn't want to wait another month to have the car. Also why I didn't bother going back to the body shop to get them to fix the overspray, they'd probably fuck it up even more.

Next up, transmission issues.
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Def needed some TLC, looking good, glad you saved it! :cool:

:new_uklia "'re fired!" :hahano:
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Hell of a first car, congrats.
Def needed some TLC, looking good, glad you saved it! :cool:

:new_uklia "'re fired!" :hahano:
Hahaha thats funny as hell! His shop is close to ours and everyone calls him sparky now lol
good find, good save
Thanks, it feels good to have saved one of these cars, they seem so unnapreciated around my city, in fact I bought from another city!
Hell of a first car, congrats.
Thanks! sometimes I wonder if it was the right choice for a first car but then when I hear it go past 3000 or see peoples head turn to look at it, I know it was the best choice.
Still got alot of things to post guys, that's not all that happened over the year, I just wanted to get rust recovery out of the way first.
Honestly I'm just too lazy to organize all the pictures right now. Expect like a week before everything gets up to date.
Too bad about the fire damage. Its looking pretty awesome though!
Too bad about the fire damage. Its looking pretty awesome though!
Yeah I still have to replace those parts :(
Thanks! Those last pictures are the current state but I'm not finished messing with the car yet!

@ BBC Radio 1

Humble the poet is great, haha.
Okay so the whole rust/paint thing is done now. So back to september of last year, the first two weeks of owning the car were mainly spent on ordering and changing the following parts - KYB Gas Adjust Shocks, New(used) rear callipers, wiper blades, and battery. I don't have pictures of that stuff cause my dad did that while I was at school. The car also didn't like to shift so we had to remove this thing

^(not me)
clean it up and put it back in..
After that the car was driveable but the shifter was still really sloppy.
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While that part of the transmission was out, I decided it was time to redo these valve covers/things...

So following this video,
I got to work. On my side though, I had access to a solvent cleaner and a shitty sandblaster.

Getting cleaner...

Ready for paint, (It kinda looks like I used primer but I didn't, I went straight to paint)

Starting to paint,


Back on the engine,

And an actually nice photo,

Bought the paint from Canadian tire, I think it was duplicolour engine enamel but I'm not sure. It was 5-7 coats on each cover and heating them up for every coat. I used a file and sandpaper to get the paint off the letters which probably wasn't the greatest idea.
I think a better idea that I've seen some people do on here recently is to just wipe off the letters/protrusion for every coat. It saves alot of time and work, and the letters wont look as scratched as mine, though I never used a high grit paper.
Also I didn't know about the wrinkle coat paint back then, probably would've chosen that instead if I knew.
The valve cover gaskets and gromets were also changed upon reinstall.

In anycase, the fresh valve covers made the engine bay look completely different, :)
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