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Mark II LCD Instrument Cluster

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Hello everyone.

I have been working on a custom
LCD Instrument Cluster. It runs on a microcomputer (Raspberry Pi) and a microcontroller that are tucked inside a regular Celica / Supra cluster. I am still waiting on the display to arrive before I can continue any further. It is plug and play. The speedometer will be GPS based (my Supra currently reads the speed incorrectly using the cable) In the event I get this working properly would anyone else be interested in one? Here is what I have for the theme on mine. Of course you would have options as i made this completely theme-capsble. You can choose your gauge needles, your background, splash screen, etc. There will be a way for you to enter your odometer so that you can keep your mileage accurate. I don't have photos yet as it is a work in progress.

Instrument Cluster
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There is the M/KM switch, along with the tank level switch to play with too..
I don't have those switches on mine. I have the US gauges. I have an 85 MPH / 140km/h and the 130 MPH / 210 km/h clusters. Perhaps this is an L-Type thing or a Canadian thing?
That's a digi dash thing, sorry.
The LCD screen finally arrived. I had the opportunity to test fit it into the existing instrument cluster housing. Here is the video.

Test fitting the LCD display for my 1982 Toyota Celica Supra

I have a lot more to do before this is complete. The boot up time is a bit long but then there is a lot that is happening. The computer has to boot, the server software has to start up, the browser has to start in full screen mode, the cursor has to be removed, the list goes on. I am looking forward to moving ahead on this project. It will take a few months for sure.

The first iteration of the face. I will likely change it up before this is done.
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I preferred your enhanced Digi dash version. But now, you can have both!
With this you can use it as a desktop pc with a wireless keyboard / mouse.
By the, i beleive there is 3 switches on the clock stark. Left, right, pull.
The pull was setting clock at :00 directly.
That's what that other wire is for! Thanks so much. That is a big help. When I was 16 and had my first Celica GT, it took me forever to figure out how to keep the high beams engaged. I was used to American cars where you toggle the high/low by just pulling back. That's not the case with these cars.

Now I can set left as "Next", right as "Modify", pull as "Select". Or incorporate a switch on the odometer reset for select and that way I can have pull = "Next", left = "Modify -" and right = "Modify +". I will have to play with this stuff after I get the signalling from the car all worked out. I have some oil leaks I want to fix first.
You can do lots with the 3 if tbe stark.
Using the trip reset (no mec switch there) would not be "ergonomics" with both hands busy while driving......
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I had a bad day yesterday with my display.


I dropped the display off my workbench. I really need to clean up my workbench so I have more room to work. I ordered two more screens and now I get to wait another month for them arrive. Luckily there is still more to do while I wait.
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That's sad.
You might have more ideas in the meantime!
Indeed. I am recreating the face plate. It's already a better fit that the original. I may utilize the space to the sides of the display for lights such as TPMS and anything else I can think of.
I think I have my primary theme created. I really like this one.

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Are you planning on selling these? Or at least sharing diy instructions and we source our own parts? Either way I am VERY interested.
I am planning on putting together a DIY. I may also offer to build these as well. Right now my test server is down so I don't have a place to build the DIY except on the live server. I don't like to build on a live server in case I break something. But if I do build these, it will be only for around $250 USD and you would have to provide a donor instrument cluster. They can be found on ebay for around $50.00 if you don't want to sacrifice yours.

Oops. I had a typo on the price. I wrote $150. I meant around $250.

But if I decide to go that route i will have a firm price. There may be more parts needed to make these than I am expecting at this point.
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So I decided that the shape of the inside of the instrument cluster doesn't lend itself to installing all of the necessary components I need very well. I decided to design and 3D print an entire new instrument cluster housing (the rear white part). This will allow me to move all of the harnesses off to the left side and free up a ton of room in the center and right side. I will still use the original front lens. I began work on making the wire harness sockets yesterday and now have socket A printed. It works great but I came up with a design idea that will allow me to print each socket and then snap them into place into the housing. I made a slight modification to it and am reprinting it now. Sockets B, C, and D coming soon.

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Sadly I had to put this project on hold for a completely unrelated project for now. I am excited to get back to this though. Although the price I had suggested is definitely not high enough. At this point I'm not even going to speculate what the final cluster will cost.

3D printing ABS plastic in large pieces is difficult. I decided instead of having the sockets snap into the housing, I will make them as pigtails so I have more room for the electronics in the housing.
This looks awesome, any idea how hard it would be to integrate with a stand alone ecu? Super interested!
This looks awesome, any idea how hard it would be to integrate with a stand alone ecu? Super interested!
The way I am making it, it should integrate very well. I have a config page that you navigate to and set your resistance values to tune the readings. But since this cluster isn't finalized, some things may change. I hope to get back to this project soon.
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