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Matrix 3

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What did you guys think? I loved the fight scene with the mech suits, those things were so damn hot. I think I'd trade my Supra for one of em! Haha, but the ending kinda pissed me off, it didn't really make much sense and kinda left a whole lotta unanswered questions.
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Duh..of course they didn't give a REAL ending, that way they can get more of your money for THE MATRIX parts 4-6.
The mech suits were cool tho'
re Matrix 3

The movie wasn't too bad, but frankly I was left a little dissappointed. #3 was suppose to be the ending, but instead left all these unanswered questions and loose ends, obviously leaving the door open for more sequels. That doesn't jive with me. Next were the battle scenes. Although they were cool, they didn't blow me away. The Mech suits were interesting, but we've already scene similar in Aliens or Robotica (sp?). The end fight scene between Neo and Smith was also alright, but not ground breaking. Any anime or comic book fan has already seen that kind of shit before. I might be being too critical here, but what can I say I just wasn't that impressed. Matrix #1 and #2 were definately better movies in my opinion.

ya I saw it last night... I wasen't in the best seats in the house but I felt a little disapointed regardless of the seating...

mech suits good... rest of movie... disappointing. I now refuse to acknowledge the existence of any Matrix movie except the first one. I don't feel that I wasted my money though.
I remember saying "WHY?" when I first heard they were making the 2 sequels, I guess I was right to think that. They could have combined 2 & 3 into one movie and made it 20 minutes longer but instead they get twice the money this way instead. The first movie made you believe that NEO could save them so it was no real suprise when he did so the other movies were just pointless eye candy in my opinion. Blargh, anyway!!!
I thought the first was okay and the second was terrible. When I saw the second we stayed till the end and waited for the preview of the third. It looked like 2 just add rain.

I won't go see the third one and won't even watch it for free.
Sorry to disagree guys, Nick and I just saw wasn't a 10 out 10 movie...but nevertheless...I LOVED it. I knew the ending wasn't going to be to anyone's's too good to be can't always have storybook endings.

There's no disputing...the 1st one rules and always will, but still I found #3 Highly entertaining.

#1 rocked. They should have left it at that.
#2 + 3 both sucked. Poor acting. Poor dialogue. Poor character development.
#3 good.... me likey

the ending makes you think, oh god, how horrible....

how would you want it to end? youve seen how they ended it, why not draw your own conclusions from there...

i really liked it, not as wordy as the second movie, tons of action...

as has been said, not a 10/10 movie, but a solid entertaining evening.

and the mech suits... i likey :D
1'st one was awsome second one was alright and the 3rd one seemed to have no plot development whatsoever. All i got from it was there was alot of fighting and Smith started taking over the matrix. The Mech suits were cool minus the fact that they werent fully inclosed and they should have had rockets on them. Why use infantry when you could have mounted 40 rockets on a Mech =P but thats just my opinion going back to the glory days of mechwarrior lol.
It was okay. They seems to have forgotten to include the plot though and the ending was kinda weak (can you say more sequels). Its worth paying to see just for the mindless action. Too bad they didn't show more of Persephone in this one :humpleg: <---- finally found a use for that one :)
SilverMk2 said:
Too bad they didn't show more of Persephone in this one :humpleg:
Amen to that. She was gorgeous. 8)
anyone seen the italian playboy pictorial??
im pretty sure that was her in it, but i might be wrong, as i dont read italian.

id post the link but for two things...
A) id rather not get banned
B) im not sure i can find it again.
You can risk getting banned :D this is for a good cause...don't be selfish and share the wealth :p j/k...Man...she is HHHHHHHHHHHHHOTTTT...I don't know about you guys, but I'd give her the best 3 and half seconds of my life :D
Just saw the third one last night. For the record, I liked the 2nd one. But theres a few things I've come to realize. The first movie is very simple. It has a great story, and sucks you in because almost all of it is dedicated to telling the story of what is the matrix, what is the prophecy, and showing Neo become the one. The last 2, are very different kinds of movies. They tell the rest of the story, and I think its a really good story. But they're not your average hollywood candy coated big budget action movies. They're written to give you something to think about. You have to sit down after they're over and piece everything together for yourself. Reloaded was like that, I don't think I really got it all till I saw the animatrix, read the archetect script, and then saw it at home for a second time. I really appreciated it after that, and really enjoyed it the 2nd time. In that vein, I think its too early for me to judge the third one. Theres still a few things I haven't figured out, might have to see it again. I don't like movies that don't leave a viable answer for something, or leave you with enough clues to figure it out. But I do appreciate movies that make you think. Which was probably a mistake for them to make such a mainstream movie like that, most people wont take the time to figure it out.
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dogstar said:
A) id rather not get banned
You won't get banned for posting a link for goodness' sake.
lol, well, like i said, im used to forums that are fairly restrictive...

gotten banned for a week for posting something less, um, interesting than this one. ;)

and yeah, i get the hint, ill find the link :p
Just saw it last night...

The APU's (the Mechy things) fucking rocked.

I thought the first movie was awesome.

When I saw the second movie, I reserved judgement until I saw the third, because really they are one story.

Now that I have seen the third..I can honestly say 2 and 3 fuckin rocked. Great storyline developement. I say that because all the facts and details are in the story, but they are layed out so you have to think about it to really get it...
The next thing I write is something of a spoiler, so if you haven;t seen it.. don't read it... If ya do, then highlight it to make it a bit more clear..

There won;t be any more sequels.. If the part where the little girl asks the Oracle if they will see Neo again, and she reply's, "Yes, I think so" is what makes you say that... remember this... Neo was the 7th incarnation of "the One". IMO, everything that happened had happened every time before with "the One", and this was a normal part of the pattern...
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