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May need clutch upgrade - suggestions?

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I've got a Centerforce 2 clutch with about 15K miles on it. At 7psi (6M-GTE), it held up well (no slippage). But last week I bumped the boost to 10psi and found it to slip at full boost (occasionally). I'm not ruling out the possibility of oil finding it's way inside the bellhousing and to the flywheel; I'll put it on the lift tomorrow to verify.

But if I upgrade, what clutch do you guys recommend? I want something that will work well with a Fidanza flywheel, if I make that upgrade.

BTW, my numbers are 252hp/292tq at the wheels.
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A friend of mine suggested something to me for my soup since I'm going to be dealing with a lot of hp. He said to call ACT, tell them I'm building a 7mgte motor(same clutch for the 5mxxx, IIRC), give them the hp/torque #'s that I'm expecting, and they should be able to calculate what I'll need to handle the power, as well as give me the p/n of the proper clutch. From that point, I'd be able to go with almost any company for an ACT clutch, or by using the numbers of clamping force and # of pucks, as well as material they use (think they'll tell you all that, or find out the specs by the clutch's p/n), and match up something with other companies you'd rather have.
As for the Centerforce Stage II, I have one in my truck and love it! It was slipping about a year ago though, definitely from the rear main seal leaking! Kinda wierd lately, I haven't had any slippage from it in about 6 months and I still haven't replaced that damned rear main seal! 4X4 trannys are frickin' heavy as hell, and just thinking about pulling it again makes me tired!!!
Good luck!
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im goin with a rps maxx pressure plate and street disc for the is300 and it holds up to 400-450 rwhp and still has the feel of the stock clutch

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