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Hey folks,

So I found a set of rims in my basement the other which are seemingly abandoned. (yay for living in a fraternity) I have a feeling they came off of an alums now wrecked 1998 Volvo S70 T5 and he just left them here in Boston rather than bring them back to Texas. From what I could tell in a brief inspection in a rather dim basement, they are 17x8" 5 spoke, 5 lug Mille Miglia's of unknown spec, with rubber still on them. I think they're in pretty good condition but I could only see the top one of four. There's no contact info for the rightful owner and they have to have been there for at least 3 years so I figure I might as well either lay claim to them or get rid of them. I would like to know how to measure offsets and such on them so I can post em up on e-bay or something. Anyone have any tips on doing that? If I'm not mistaken, these can also fit on some bmw's and perhaps Miata's. If anyone here is interested in them, feel free to make an offer. :)

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