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What is the mileage your cars. My 82 supra has 181,000.
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wow we go some high mileage winners in here!

84P 78K
85P 77K
I have 297,xxx miles on my 85 P-type and I am still trying to reach the 300,000 mile marker before I junk the car to a recent right rear hit and run accident.

"I think I am the highest mileage so far in this postings??/ :lol: "
222,765 miles on my '86. I bought it in '94 with 114,000 on it.
my '86 just hit the 300,000 km mark :twisted: hehe i tihnk its at 300,011 as we speak. but the engine has been rebuilt kinda( new bearings anyways)

edit: and NO, its not a rust bucket. see avatar( tho its a little small)
and props to 3000 mk2 for reaching almost 300,000 miles :shock:
well, my new black 84 has 244k miles on it. the lowest mileage supra ive had is my current blue car with 148k miles.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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