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1990 supra turbo 1jz swap
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Located in Colorado but Willing to ship
  • Stock radiator in decent condition ($30)
  • ABS unit ($120)
  • 1jz-gte front sump oil pan set up with dipstick, spare oil pickup, spare lower pan, spare baffle ($300)
  • XCESSIVE 1jz motor mount brackets and toyota manual trans crossmember for Nissan s13 ($120)
  • 1jz-gte stock J-pipe ($100)
Im willing to negotiate prices if your interest just send me a PM. Also willing to trade if you have something i’m looking for. Mainly a rear sump 1JZ-GTE oil pan (upper/lower pan, pickup tube, baffle, dipstick) but i’m open to other offers!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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