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NO compression, head gasket...That will cause it to run horiblty.. and check your timing belt too.. since you gotta pull the head you might as well change it,, if not it might slip, or even worse tear and there goes your motor.and take a close look at everything total head and piston..look for cracks...

But i also have 85 , supra , 5m-ge, with miss at idle till at least 2200 rpm, but if i rev it up quik it appears too be gone, and there is alot/ not tons of soot on my tail pipe, im thinkin flat lobe, (intake side) , bad injector,s, no check eng lite.oy ya every thing is new , plugs cap rot, fuel filter, wires, i checked for vac & intake leaks but,, N/A. help would be nice.. THANX moon
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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