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Hey everyone, I just finished up my 2jz swap into my ‘80 and figured I should make a post for future swappers.

I started with a 4ME Auto 1980 Supra, MA46.
2JZ is GE non-vvti out of a 93 sc300. For this swap you need a front sump pan.

Transmission is a W58 out of a mk3 supra, using a ebay China bellhousing, rockauto flywheel, and a clutch kit for a NA mk3 supra.

Motor Mounts: I used mk2 celica supra 2jz motor mounts. They fit great, except for on the passenger side, the hole for the rubber mount stud must be widened.

Transmission Mount: Original w58 mount from the mk3. Bolts right in. Only problem is the hole in the trans tunnel is slightly too small. I needed to cut about an inch of the metal out on the rear side of the hole.

Shifter: I used a shifter out of a 90s Toyota pickup. You can use any w or r series shifter, your pick.

Radiator: for now I’m sticking with the original mk1 radiator, we’ll see how well it holds up. Upper radiator hose is the original 2jzge hose from the sc300. Lower hose is off of a mk3 supra 7M.

Wiring: As always, this was the most complicated. I made it even harder for myself by hacking together multiple harness. My 2jz swap is run with a 7mge yellow plug ecu, harness, MAF and coil. The reason I used these is because I already had them. If you have the option, use the original harness/ecu/electronics from your 2jz. That will make it easier.

Exhaust: That’s up to you. I’m using the stock 2jzge header and it fits with lots of room to spare.

I’ll update with pictures later
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Sounds like the essence of hot-rodding. Walk around the salvage yard gathering parts between different cars and see which ones will fit, bolt, snap or plug together. Look forward to seeing the photos.
using a ebay China bellhousing
I'm interested to find out more about how the Chinese bellhousing holds up. Do you have any more info? Keep us posted.
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