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mk2 eats sir

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i was in van going down a long road when i seen a 2003 sir hachback he came up beside me and it was on the supra walked away eazy then at the light not trying i took him again then he got behind he the only place for a honda lol
then we went at it again i pulled away we where doing 150k+ then i stoped he did the big pass by and the look on his face was to much
that old supra of mine still has some snap to it
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ohh the old Ricer Fly-by :roll:

Good kill :D
RAH RAH ricer fly by!

lol, good kill :)

i raced a shortbus (civic SIR) last night, but i got killed in a bad way.
caught up to him later and my passenger asked what he had under the hood, and he mumbled something about a cold air, 25 shot, headers, mandrel bent exhaust, P&P and some other minor junk.

he thought i was turboed tho, lol :)
everyone thinks every supra is turboed, damn f&
the street i was on was willington after the 1 freeway turn off when he came by there was a good sharp turn then a big hill. my supra is real stiff in the tight turns the sir had to let off i has beat a lot of cars with the supra this way
it has a lot to do with the driver i will have to make a list some day here is a short one
5.0 :cry: kills 3
honda kills 23
300zx kills 2
280 zx kill 1
firechickens kills 5
z28 kills 2
mk2 supra kills 6
jeeps kills 10+ they alway want to race dont know why?
sunflower 10+ kills
trucks that had some work done kills 10+

and thats the small list i got some real good ones to tell but that will have to wait
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i cannot believe you remembered all your [email protected]#[email protected] kills man. WOW. You must race for a living1!!1!!!11 haha j/k
even though everyone has a list of kills, just remember, your on someone else's list as well.
I don't think I'm on anyone list yet. No races, no deaths, no kills.
actually I've only lost 1 race in my mkii since I've had it.. of course I don't race it all that much

heres my list (as far as my memory remembers)

I've beat 4 Civics (2 SI)
a ricey looking accord v6
two 5.0s
a new 'stang v6
a jetta
a z28
a tbird turbocoupe
some old buick (dont ask, it was hella fast for a buick and flew past me after I beat him off the line, I pulled it off cuz the overpass had a wicked turn and I flew on the outside of him without braking and then got in front of him and kept my lead up until I hit the brakes)
and countless trucks (Utah is full of ******** that think they have fast trucks)
a mkiii non-turbo (my friends car, he can't shift worth crap)

only car I lost to was a Mustang GT
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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