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Mk2 fuel pump keeps going bad after sitting a couple weeks

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I’ve gone through two autozone fuel pumps in the last couple months they would work fine then quit working after the car sat for a month when I go to prime the pump doesn’t turn on (it’s getting power) the part number for the autozone fuel pump is the same for the 80’s models Toyota pickups (the pump I’ve been using. Direct replacement) so I just warranty-d it the first time now the pump quit working again. I know autozone brand stuff sucks but I don’t wanna take the chance of buying a $130 denso pump or walbro 255 just for it to stop working after sitting a month also. Should I just go with the OReillys brand Toyota pickup pump? Why is the pump going bad after sitting for such a short time period? The gas isn’t but only 4ish months old. Weather doesn’t get super cold here I don’t understand… let me know what you guys think

PS I’ve dropped the tank twice now about to be 3 times since I got the car and the sending units metal hardlines are rusted into place car has 380k miles from Canada so there’s no way I can remove the lines without replacing it somehow (and I’ve tried but the whole line just wants to twist so that’s not an option) so I’ve been removing the sending unit while the tank is rested on my jack. I can only replace the pump 1 more time before that metal hardline beds/cracks in half so I need a permanent fix.
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My vote is for a bad production batch of pumps from that factory and like FH says check out RockAuto for a better grade pump.
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