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Well im kinda bored so ill post 2 resent kill stories. I was driving my red mk2.

First one happened about 3 weeks ago. I was driving home from school, that particular day traffic was light so I drove about 65mph (this in a 50mph zone) as I come up to what appeared to be a red 89celica GT. He was going about 55-60mph so I passed him on his right (two lane Hwy) and merged back in to the left lane (slow car on right lane) at this point I put my car in neutral (we where going downhill) and it claims to 77mph. I then noticed the Red Celica merge to the right lane and punch it so I put my car in gear (5th) and hit it Celica dude couldn’t pass me imagine if I would of geared the car in 4th. Any ways we stopped at a light there was some traffic there so I drive normal once we get going dude was riding my ass so I find a way to leave traffic and celica dude follows me at this time we where entering a long up hill strait away. I decide to let him pass me so I could chase him, I merge to the left lane and he hits it, as soon as he clears me I chase him I quickly gained and pass him putting about 4 car lengths before I shut down do to approaching traffic. Well this dumb ass felt like shit since I handed his ass and dangerously ricer flies by me and makes him self a third land passing traffic. Pissed me off I felt like chasing him again and rapping him another asshole (figuratively speaking). Well a cooled off and rode with traffic. I always make an attempt of not speeding around traffic or populated areas.

Second kill happened a week ago. As I was leaving town I noticed an 89-90 brown civic weaving in and out of traffic behind me. Up ahead was a red light this was on a three-lane road and the middle lane was occupied by a big-rig. I stopped on the left lane and I completely lost view of the civic. When the light turned green I noticed that the civic was on the far right lane since he got on the gas. I took off normal but hit it when I notice the civic hit it he was about 1½ cars in front and I quickly caught him and passed him putting about 3 car before a shut down to speed limit. There where two dudes in the civic so they came up next to me and hit it again I let him get about ½ a car in front then I smash it passed him putting about 4 ½ cars on him before shutting down. I slow down he does to he passes me and acknowledges defeat that was cool he did not ricer pass me. His civic looked stock it was not riced-out only thing was his car was lowered.

I know that these where not that very worthy opponents but I thought id share.
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