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Well, after 6 months, a new engine, and lots of foul language, I finally have my project car street drivable. The story goes something like this.

Last August, I bought an '81 Supra for $600. The car was bone stock right down to the airfilter. The stock The stock 5M-E ran like complete crap, and we thought all it needed was a new cam. Yeah right. Cam was fine, compression, was 60 PSI in 4 out of the 6. Oil pressure dropped off the board. Had a nasty ignition miss. I decided it needed a real engine, and after some research I discovered that a 5M-GE is a direct replacement, and even hooks up to the existing computer. Well I acquired an engine and complete wiring harness and sensors from an '83 MKII with 58,000 miles on it, and after lots of parts swapping and trying different combinations of stuff, I finally have the car street drivable. It runs well, very smooth. It is idling at 3000 rpm right now, and doesn't have the power that it should, however. I'm getting a new throttle spring tomorrow to see if that fixes the idle problem, I think it will. I think my catalytic converter is plugged, being 22 years old, so I'm going to take a look at fixing that as well, then play with the AFM to see if I can tweak a little bit more power out of it. It runs good enough for me for now, some tweaking should take care of the bugs.

I have the missing trim piece, I need to straiten it out and put it on.

Just today it turned over 50,000/150,000/250,000 miles, I don't really know how many it actually has on it.

1981 Toyota Supra MKI
4 Speed automatic w/overdrive
1983 MKII 5M-GE
MKI Radiator
MKI Alternator
1982 AFM, 1981 TPS
Stock exhaust- 5M-GE manifold down pipe to stock MKI catback

Accel Super Coil
Cheap-o rice boy cone filter (+10 horse power 8) )

Future plans:
MKII P-Type rims
W58 5 speed swap
Turbo :D :D :D
'86+ Celica seats
True-trac LSD

The car runs pretty good for now, I'll see what I can do with some tweaking. It's fun to break the tail lose on corners :D .

More pics here

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sounds like a damn fun ride.

i saw a mkI today for the first time all winter, and it was glorious, absolutely mint condition white, with moderate tint and some P type wheels. :)

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i'm doing somthing very similar at the moment
putting a 5m-ge into my aus spec p-type 84 supra
why? because my 5m-e died!
which is good and bad(good because i can put somtjhing with balls in, bad because i cant really afford this :p)
oh and whilst i'm at it she's getting a clutch, and a w57 too :D
should be on the road in about 2 weeks
by then i'll have batteries for my digi camera and can take lots of happy snaps(and pics of my fat overkill tyres for those guys on that i promised them a while ago :oops: )
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