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So my friend has an 89 NA thats all ricey and nice looking. It's seriously a bad azz lookin car, has exhaust kit, sounds good, cold air intake. He calls me wanting to race last Friday. So he meets me at my house and we go to State (the place to race in SLC). On the way there he pull up next to me on the freeway revs his engine and goes, so I put it in 3rd and launch past him and dont stop til I hit about 120, I was so far ahead I had to pull over for him to catch up.

Then on state we go from a light, I fly past him right off the line and he stays about 1-2 cars behind me until we hit about 45 then he backs off so I do too.

Then this was the cool part... my ex-girlfriends new boyfriend pulls up next to him in his '00 Tiburon. He revs it up a little and at go the mk3 gets a good start and I screwed up a little but by the time I hit 30 I was right with the Tiburon and as I shifted I fly past him and Steve is still in front in his mk3 so we keep going with the Tiburon long forgotten. Cars in front of me so I do a little illegal thing and pull into the left turn lane and pull up almost nose to nose with him. He goes to shift to third and grinds, haha, I win :).

I guess that 40 extra horsepower doesn't help much when you weigh 700 more...
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Sound to me that that 3rd gear grind saved you loss :wink:
yeahhhh, haha... but I would have passed him after a minute even if he didn't grind... I was gaining on him ever since my crappy start... I just kinda sat there like *dur... green.... OH CRAP*
I can relate to that...... It's happened to me a few times....doh.
but at least en you catch up you feel that much more proud of your car.
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