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well i dont know what kind of audi it was, but it was a coupe with 17" wheels and a loud exhaust. i was stopped at a light and he was on the right side of me and the lane ended after the intersection, so he figured he would scoot in front of me. i let him in front of me cuz i didn't want to cause an accident by not letting him merge into my lane. yah, so once he got in front of me he booted it, so did i and i kept up with him real easy. after that we both turned the same way onto another road, and we were going about 70kmh into the corner, i heard him double clutch into 2nd gear so i figured he was gonna boot it. i dropped into 2nd gear, and we both kinda squeeled our tired/drifted a bit around the corner (that was fun). so he boots it, and so did i, and we went up to about 130 kmh in a 60 zone. but he was no problem trying to keep up with, i was gaining on him really fast. must have just been a ricer with nice wheels and a loud exhaust. i don't know if u want to call it a race, but it felt like one.
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