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MKIV front clip

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Rebuildable?......they are kidding right! Definitely a sad sight!!
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I dont know whats worse, the word "rebuildable" or that people bid up to $9500 for that basket case..Idiots :wedrunk:
Typical for something that is on ebay these days. Most anything with "Supra" in the title is overbidded.
I'd really like to see somebody try to straighten that unibody out. More realistically, everything in the car will probably be transferred to an N/A MkIV Supra with a straight body.
I wouldn't be surprised if the car gets stripped and all of the good parts end up being spread all over ebay motors. $9500.00 is one heck of a lot of cash for a crushed unibody with a 2JZ. But then again, judging by the ID names of some of the bidders, money sense has little to no meaning! :? :roll:
Exactly what I was thinking. Good car to part out, but not worth the money to salvage (how many inches was the passenger side door pushed in?) Should be fun to watch and see if we hear from this one again when the winner finds out how much it would cost to fix it.
Actualy,compared to many cars that I have seen fixed,in the last 15 years of being in the wrecking business,that's an EASY one.
Look at the prices of drivable mkiv's,the bidding is not out of line,YET.A guy can get the pass side of the body for arounf $1000-1500.a door from $500-1200 "all prices depending on who you know,demand,etc."
If you are a "REBUILDER" or have a friend in the business,and have the time to let it sit and be used as a "fill in as time allows" project,it could be fixed for less than another $5,000 total.
Yes,it will come back with a salvage title.But,if you are fixing it to keep,not try to profit,it could be a hell of a buy.
Just my $.02
This is actually a relist. I saw this one before and I thought it was pretty bad. I glad that someone chimed in with knowledge. Still buying a N/A for around 13K and then getting one like this for 10K is still a little less than a TT and you get lower insurance.
I agree, it is fixable, though borderline. Considering what it is it would be worth it, but that is a little high of a price for it.
i would not pay that much for a wrecked MKIV, id rather buy me a 3rd gen RX7. Anyevent, i think the MKIV gets to much hype and Props. Its to overated. Also, any/many cars are fixable if you can cough up the cash.
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