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I work for a company that switched their fleet vehicles from Fords to Chevrolet. We now 2020 Equinox's with the 1.5 Turbo Engine.
This last week 3 of my fellow Service Reps who live in the western prairies experienced sudden loss of power with a "reduced power" message.

Chevrolet says that the problem is moisture from intake air freezes in the intercooler and blocks air flow. Now when the intake warms up, the problem should clear, but the engine stays in "limp home" mode until the dealership resets the check engine light.

The temperature was pretty cold, about -45 Celsius, but do other turbo engines experience this sort of problem?

One of the fellows was on the highway passing a semi when the engine shut down into low power mode. He just about got run down by the semi.

I just find this appalling. Chevrolet's solution is to tell us to buy a radiator cover to close down the intercooler airflow.

Is this common?

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