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mold on center console

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so i go to start putting the body back together on my 86 and i find mold inside the car :cry: ??? wtf?? i got no idea how it got inside the car. she has been sittting a little while but has been sealed up. there was mold on part of the drivers seat and the center console. how could this off happened? what should i use to clean it up with and how do i prevent this from occuring again? thanks for the help.

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depends how hot out it is and how much ventalation you give the car. Usually just takes a day if everything is decent
I just rent a carpet cleaner from the local grocery stores. They all come with apholstery attachements that work perfect for car interiors. I just do my cars if they need it when our carpets do. Costs like 25 bucks for 2 days
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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