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MP3 Unit

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I figure it's about time to replace my OEM stereo with an mp3 unit. Searching the forum didn't turn up much on what people are using, or whats good and features to look for.

Here's what I'm leaning towards currently, 2yr warranty standard is a bonus.

Ideally I'd prefer to keep it between $200-$400cdn. I'm not building any awesome sounding system for my car, yet... and no car alarm so not going expensive. =)
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A forum I used to frequent regulary go there and go to the forum and goto head unit help and type in a search for MP3. You should get a lot of help there. I lot of Head units these days have mp3 playback.

I have a JVC KDSX-980 right now thats pretty nice. And it was cheep!!! 50w/channel, Remote, etc.... Its great for road trips, 11+ hours of music without ever changing a disc.
I'm looking for one for my '84 as well. I have a Sony MEX-1HD in the '85 (only because I got an incredible "mfr. closeout deal" on it...Circuit City was blowing them out for like 35% of the original retail). I definitely like it EXCEPT for the fact that some copy-protection Nazi at Sony made sure that you can't copy MP3s from a CD to the hard plays MP3s from CDs fine, though, and you can record from audio CDs.

Anyway, I'm looking for a good but not outrageously expensive head unit for the '84. I definitely need subwoofer outputs, and would really like an AUX doesn't have to have a hard drive. :p

If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to see them....thanks!!
I have no idea what it would cost in Canada, but I'm running an Apline 7894, CD/MP3 player. Absolutely love it, bought a second one for my 4Runner.

Joe B.
I second and third the motion for Alpine! I had the very first "affordable" mp3 deck back about 4 years ago in my wife's Durango(an Aiwa deck), and it was great, but skipped a lot. Decided to upgrade to a Kenwood Z828 a couple years later when it first came out, boy what a mistake that was! It didn't read tags in any useable fashion (only displays one tag, either artist, album or song, not all 3), and between tracks of a mix-type album, it would pause for almost 3 seconds before playing the next track!
I ended up replacing it with an Alpine CDA7878 I bought used on Ebay for cheap and loved it! ID3 tags displayed very nice (artist-album-song in this order), and there was almost no delay between tracks! I loved it so much, I pulled it and installed it in my truck, then bought an Alpine CDA7995 for the Durango.
I ended up putting the Kenwood in the Supra, just so I have something to listen to, but still hate the godammed thing.
If you're gonna get an MP3 deck, make sure it displays ID3 tags in a similar fashion to the Alpine, and check for delay between the tracks. Those are really the two most aggravating things about MP3 units!
Good luck!
(who now has 8,354 mp3's, all on cdr's, and every cd player at home and in cars are MP3 capable! I can't live w/o my MP3's!!!)
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definitely take a look at the dxz 735 and 835...

the 835 is maybe pushing the budget a bit, at 430ish canadian$, but its worth it.
dual DAC converters, very nice internal amp, metal faceplate, removable face, color change display, remote... very nice unit.
also has front, rear, sub preouts, on face subcontrol, aux inputs, cd/md/dvd control...

very good deck to start a nice system off with.

the 735 has most of the same features, except the aux ins, and the dual DAC converters, IIRC.
and no metal face plate.

Alpine CDA-9807 - My next CD player :D
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SupraRacer007 said:

Alpine CDA-9807 - My next CD player :D
that's the exact same head unit i want -- i absolutely love the silver faceplate :drool:
Thanks guys... I'm likin the Alpine, nice clean lines. Does it fit in the top or bottom slot though? Might have to install a short shifter to push the buttons.
I got a Alpine CDA 7894 CD/MP3 Head Unit. Works great and plays every MP3 CD I've made for it. Mine is mounted in the top slot and I got a pocket in the bottom slot.
Alpine CDA-9807 - My next CD player
Does this have an AUX IN with *RCA plugs* ?? I notice that it's "XM satellite ready", but my Sirius satellite radio kit uses RCA plugs. On one of the sites offering it, it is described as having "optional" AUX IN. If it does have RCA plugs, it's DEFINITELY what I want.


Here's the dirt:

Auxiliary Input Ready: With the addition of the optional KCA-121B Ai-NET/RCA interface cable, the KCA-801B auxiliary input adapter, or the KCA-410C Versatile-Link Terminal, the audio from an auxiliary source can be played through this unit. When the KCA-121B interface cable is used, a CD changer cannot be connected to the head unit; the KCA-801B auxiliary input adapter allows you to connect an auxiliary source and an Ai-NET changer to the head unit. The KCA-410C Versatile-Link Terminal allows you to feed audio from up to two auxiliary sources and two Ai-NET CD changers to the head unit.
Should be here tomorrow (early B-day present to myself) I hope so I can play with it on my way to So Cal on Sat.
Excellent....looks like I'll be ordering one (maybe two ... could use one in the 4x4 as well, and there's a site offering them for $218).

Thanks, Stephen!

P.S. Happy B'day!

Malibyte said:
Excellent....looks like I'll be ordering one (maybe two ... could use one in the 4x4 as well, and there's a site offering them for $218).

Thanks, Stephen!

P.S. Happy B'day!

$218 ? :shock: Uh....crap.
$218 ? Uh....crap.


CDA-9807 CD MP3 WMA Player

List price: $279.00
Your price: $218.00
You save: $61 (22%)

Now in stock.
Usually ships in 1-3 Days
if your price shoping look in the links on my page under Car stereo

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