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Hello!😃 and I'm sorry, I'm introducing myself as a new member even though I don't have a celica supra, but if I have a 5mge engine under the hood, I need some advice, this forum helped me a lot when I rebuilt the engine, I am at a standstill due to a problem with The transmission of my A43DE car:confused:, the engine and the transmission was taken out of a toyota crown from 1985 ms123, and I have put it in a toyota crown from 1975 ms65, the engine is perfect, the problem is that the transmission does not work properly, my idea is to put the A 30 3-speed transmission on the 5mge engine, why? It is the only option I have and it is automatic without anything electric, I am concerned if the A30 transmission supports the 5mge engine:rolleyes:, I am open to other automatic transmission options as long as I have nothing electric, regards!


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