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must stop rust!!!!!!!

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I have a question? Whats the easiest way to sand down the surface rust and what do i put on over it to make sure it doesnt come back, someone told me just take sand paper, but that woudl take a lot of elbow grease, please help...
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there are quite a few threads in the restoration section of the forum that you posted in, have you looked at all of them?

unfortunatly, it appears that mkII's and rust are bound in chains forever :(

I'll be fighting the rust war in a few weeks when I get my '82 L-type.
If its a large area one of those copper wire drill attachments works wonders... you can get smaller dremel attachments too...
brush on POR-15
If it's light surface rust, then wet sanding will take it off pretty quickly. If it is pitted, you will need some metalprep 79/naval jelly type of rust converter, and a wire wheel.

I've heard the por-15 stuff is pretty good. Havent tried it tho.

Put together all the suggestions so far, in order, and you'll be doing ok.

Scrape off all large, loose chunks of rust.
Sand off remaining rust with sandpaper or use wire brush drill attachments.
Convert remaining tiny specks of rust back to more solid metal with rust converter or naval jelly. It will look black when "converted".
Get the POR 15 beginner kit and follow their instructions. It includes a phosphate solution which you brush on, then wash off. Then coat with at least 2 coats of POR15. (POR 15 is available in different colors too) Then topcoat with a good touchup paint.

Hope that helps.
All good suggestions. I just posted some links to products and technical article in another thread.

Phil D.
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