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Mwebber -- Bad experience!!! Still no parts....

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I paid for several parts from Mr. Webber and have yet to receive them. He even handed me the excuse they were returned to him as undelivered. I was in contact with Jocelyn (RedP85) as well and Jocelyn was given the same excuse as me.

So we both paid the extra money for re-shipping since Mr. Webber said he was in a financial low and didn't have the cash to ship. Being a moderator I "trusted" him and thought I could help and speed up the process of getting my parts. parts have been received and no contact with Mr. Webber has been possible since the money was sent. I believe the original purchase was in March or April, I don't recall exactly but it was the winter/spring.

I just want my parts. It's now in your hands to remedy this problem Mike!!!


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In my case, it was payed last November, to be deleivered in December - 06 !
I also did offer the re-shipping payment, but was declined by him.

Mike had done great things for us in the past, so we wanted to give him the opportunity to catch-up with it.

Looks like we will have to make an entry in the "Bad credit" column...:dead hors
Actually the more I think about it, it may have been last November or so. It's just too long ago!!

---I'll pull the stuff this weekend. with the foam, shipping's gonna be a bit higher though. If you would like, I'll pull and ship and let you know what the total shipping was if you'll up front the $200.

sound good?


Sent him the 200.00. This was around the 11th of May last time I heard from him was the 16th of May.
Sent payment for Euro style front turn signals. He said he was having problems with payment. No one else ever has with same types of payment.

Still no parts.
From what I read on the other thread sounds like he f$#^ed you canadians in the drive thru :rolleyes:
not to sound bad....just making a point that he screwed over the canucks
It's beginning to seem that way......and I think these two threads were supposed to be the same thread...same title at least!! :)

Might as well make a new thead also. Sent him 200.00 so he would pull the seats for me. Then he would pack them up and give me a shipping quote. All this was from the 11th to 16th of May. Have not heard from him since.
I personally havne't seen him online in ages; just so you guys know Mike is officially off the moderator list as he quit his moderator position last month. I had his number lying around here...if I can find it I'll give him a ring...sorry you guys are going through this :(.
Mike is officially off the moderator

As of the moment, I call BS --- View Forum Leaders ----

I'll add my $.02

Spring meet in PA,06.
Brought Mike a TSRM, and handed him $40 cash, for an almost MINT blue privacy panel. Was told it would ship that week, after the meet. Have been told MANY times it was/would be shipped. Last I talked to him, he didn't have it, but had a black one. That was/is an acceptable alternative "I have cars with both colors". Here it is, 18 months later aprox. and still no part. I kept my mouth shut, as it's not that big of a cash loss "$70 total" and I understand hard times, BTDT. I also value friendships on the forums, and personaly, try to NEVER let $$$ get in the way of friends. To be honest, on my part, I'd still, have a beer with him, and blow it off, but, I at least expect to hear --- I'm sorry, I fucked up.
Oooh it's official Shawn...he just hasn't been taken 'off the list' time i'll be anal with my words and say unofficially official :).
Oooh it's official Shawn...he just hasn't been taken 'off the list' time i'll be anal with my words and say unofficially official :).

LMAO, it's all good, just have to "be me" :D

<--Will probably lose my mod status elsewhere if this ever get read by MW :zzzzz:
He is officially not a mod (had nothing to do with this thread)

His user title was manually changed to Super mod
I find the previous post offensive. I do not know what is going on with Mike Webber's lousy sales recently, but he was coordinating Supra meets well before your March 2006 join date. You are way late to the game, and lacking in understanding.

Though I'm leaning to Mike becoming a flake/deadbeat, I also wouldn't be surprised if he has health issues again. I don't know, and I will say that - but there are lots of members listing problems with Mike of late. Until someone makes contact with him we don't even know if he is alive.

Meanwhile, I certainly wouldn't buy anything off Webber.

Edit: Not referring to the current post above - the one I was referring to was pulled
You guys think you have problems? I'm still running around naked as I haven't received the 2 shirts I was supposed to get.....
Guys keep the BS junk out of here and keep it somewhat on topic.
I never got my parts but, it's not like this thread matters, as no one is going to be buying parts from someone who isn't even on the forums.
I believe Rich was referring to a post that was pulled regarding drug useage that I too found distasteful if not offensive.
Oh, sorry. If that is the case I apologize for being an ass. I never saw the drug post then if it was removed. Must have been someone else with the same join time as me.

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