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My 1985 Supra

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Sup everybody?

I bought a 1985 supra in January in pretty crapy condition. However I am restoring it to the way it used to be and going to get this car tricked out. Im hopin to accomplish many things with this car. Just about all my money will be going into this car for mods. I plan to have her runnin mid 9s eventualy. But my questions where: 1. Does anyone know where to get replacement carpet for my 1985 supra, or does the 86 carpet still fit. 2. Does anyone have a short throw or know where to get one. I know they say they dont make them for the supra, but some pages I been checkin out say they got a short throw for the car. Let me know your thoughts, and any advice. Any sites you would recomend for anything. I apreciate it a lot! Thanx!

Check out my team website. Its not much, but we're just gettin started. Plus I only worked on the web page maybe a couple days a month, busy with my car.
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if you want 9's... you won't be able to have a carpet :p
maybe 9s on the eight mile?

9 second quarter mile means that youd need about 800 horses, at a race weight of 3000 pounds, including driver and all fluids.

you aint gonna get no 800 horses out of anything short of a 2jz or a 1uz, unless you put something other than a toyota in it, so itll cost you AT LEAST 5000, probably closer to 10k just for power train, and then youve gotta remember all the suspension work, and body reinforcement...

but anyways, im gonna shut up now, and if you did mean 9s in the eight mile, just ignore everything ive said. :)
Russ M runs mid 9's with a 5MGTE (Stroked to 3L). Full interior and street legal. It can be done.

thank u suprawes. somebody finaly backs me up.
But how much has he put into it?
With all the money you'd drop in, it'd be more reasonable to just get a 93-98TT :? but thats just my opinion

If you buy a 93-98, they are heavy as hell. The MK2 is about 500 pounds lighter then the newer models, so u have less weight with a lot of hp, so u get the best of both worlds.
I am sure you can get about the same level of performance with less cost with a mk2 as they are quite a bit lighter. That being said 9 seconds is a very fast quarter mile. I wonder if you even understand waht it takes to make acar go that fast and keep it on the street. Low 12s and high 11s are easily attainable with the mk2 with a relatively small investment and if you are new to racing then I would make this you goal before trying to hit 9s.
IMO it's impossible to have a genuine 9-second "street" car. A 9-second pass is extremely quick, and to get there you have to make a lot of compromises. Once you've done that, you essentially have a race car - not a street car.

I suggest you go to your local drag strip and have a close look at the cars running 9's. Pay special attention to the fuel they use, the tyres they run, their suspension setup, and what's left of the interior. Here in Australia, the national drag racing authority (ANDRA) forces you to do a number of things once you exceed a 10 second pass, and I expect it's a similar situation in the US. These requirements include an approved roll cage, tailshaft loop, bellhousing shield, fire extinguishers, battery isolator, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Do you really want to deal with all this in your "street" car?
hay if he wants to run 9ssss let him try dont shoot him down. he will learn what it take if he really wants it. :wink: Dave
You know wut, Im not mad, and I'm not takin this as bein shot down. I do know wut it is going to take to get this car there. And I have done all the math, all the research, and Ive got everything layed out. Blue prints if you wanna call em that. And If I do get it runnin 9s, wich I realy hope to, I probably would just keep it as a race car then, rather then a daily driver. I have thought about that decision, and if i ran that on the street a lot, I would make a lot of people cry.

I dont wanna see some "bad-a$$" in a vet cry cuz a supra beat him. B/c a lot of the vet owners down here think no car in the world can beat them. I dont like seein people cry, especialy old guys. Anyways, I apprecitate all the responses and concerns, I take everything in to consideration, and thanx for helpin out guys.
I wish you best of luck. Post your progress and how much is cost too if you don't mind. I am interested in seeing just what it takes to make it go.
Drop in Cheby V-8 and you can easily have a 9 sec car, though is this still a supra?
YOu know I think you would probably spend the same amount of cash building a nine second 454/350 supra as you would a genuite toyota car. After all at that point you are prolly gonna be putting in a ford 9in rear, completely gutting it etc. And a turbo 7m with 500-600 HP(this is suprisingly easy... or so I hear) will prolly outlast a 400-500HP V8 and be easier on the drivetrain. So in the long run the cost is probably about the same.

I always liked the supra for the all around perforformance. The sacrafices you would have to make to get to 9 seconds would completely destroy that. But I say it is cool to build the car you want, just be sure that is really what you want.
how about a lexus 1UZ-FE V8 :D That way you can still have V8 torque and power but keep it in the family, they make superchargers and the like for them too
um like a L88 from a 67 vette with something like over 500ponies from teh dealer oh man thsats insaine
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