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hello all,.
hope everyone is doing well. figured I would show my progress on my supra that has a 6mgte with ms2 engine management ill start off with a little history of my mk2 life, I bought a 82 about 9 years ago and threw in 84ptype's 5mgte that he sold me, im sure some of you know of the build. after a while I acquired a 84 shell. But after a summer of messing with the 84 shell I relized it was far to gone for what I was able to put together at the time. I ended up finding this 85 supra over in seattle. and this is the start of the life of this 85 6m build

the day I picked up the car

old engine

pulling the motor to clean it up, new gaskets

it was pretty caked in oil.

Decided to strip and paint my valve covers. benefit of being an Aircraft painter as a career. I have access to paint stripper, paint, and a very nice booth

after strip process


final product after painted some base and cleared

here was the old engine build with a ct26

well after a while I got bored with the build. it was pretty snappy but the top end power was Meh feeling. so this is when I decided it was time to go all in
needed a bigger intercooler for turbo

how she sits. could probably make it a little more even but it will work for now

Manifold installed

turbo installed. I went with a borg warner s366 66mm with a .91 AR divided

down pipe installed followed with a 50mm wastegate w/14lb spring. 3'' exhaust into a turbo muffler

Was checking clearance with the turbo intake. cant believe this thing is 4''. so much volume

And there is everything back together

Got the key turned and it fired right up. only issue im having right now is that the wastegate is stuck open for some reason so at idle It is letting exhaust through. however I think I forgot to install the fire ring is what ive been told by some guys that have similar wastegates.

hopefully once the rain stops here in Washington I can take it out and start street tuning it. I have a fabrication shop here in town designing a front face intake so hopefully that will be done before winter decides to hit but I guess we will have to see

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How cool is that? Cool as it gets. Jealous of your 3000 intake too.

Thanks for sharing.

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time to redo those pipes and get rid of all that silicone...looks like 1/2 ply flexible things instead of the thick 3/4 layer ones
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