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Hey guys. Joined a few months back but just re discovered the site. Some really nice xA6x here, t:thumbsup:hought i'd share my 2 girls.

Im from Brisbane, Australia by the way.


RA65, fitted with MA70 spec 1J, adaptronic computer, staright through 3 inch, FMIC, Extensive Intake, Southern way mesh style wheels-15x8 -25, Kumho KU36 Semi Slicks all round (rear grip is very important) Coilovers, Mitsubishi Sigma LCAs, 70mm RCAs, Tanabe camber tops, whiteline custom sway bar, rosejointed swaybar and LCAs, trd blues in the rear, 7KG custom springs, custom camber reducing mods to rear cradle, fully locked mx73 cesssida diff cenre, 1 piece tail shaft, w58, hybrid R154/13B 3 puck solid centre clutch, Bride seat, harness, stripped interior, Defis, 3 layer pearl ford electri orange paint. blah blah

This is a track only competiton drift car, and is an amazing drive! Its proved very sucsessfull for me the last 18 months or so, and 2010 holds bigger things for the old girl!


This is my daily driven SA63, fitted with carburetted 2S and w55, ive only recently purchased it, as i felt the need for a super hot daily, and also wanted to prove how litle money you need to spend to get drifting on a track. So far it includes

SSR MK1s front, 15x7.5 0offset, SSR reverse mesh rear 15x8.5-20 offset. Cut heavy duty fofd falcon rear springs, cut stock front springs, locked diff, and some japanese style addidions like wheel, shifter etc

The plan with this one is to build a piece of nostalgia, lifted straight from Japan in the late 80s.

future plans are

clutch, s13 LCAs for camber and track, front coil overs, seat, exhaust, carby and alot of tyres!!!

I cannot post pics as yet (new member?), but will as soon as my post count is up (*im assuming thats how i fix it)

Sweet dreams until i can post pics :)
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