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My cars running ugly??help??

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At times my 85 idles so badly that it shuts it self, she starts back up but would cause this?? and i have a weird sound coming from thr fan or sometrhen
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Have you adjusted the idle.. (opening by the throttle body i believe) use a flat head and try adjusting it. Try adjusting your timing, as for the fan making a weird noise, cant help you there..
bad gas
My sister advises to turn up the stereo and you wont hear any weird noises.
Sorry, but you have to give us more info. Have you changed plugs lately? Wires, cap, rotor? Dont mess with the idle adjust until you've tuned er up. Any vacuum leaks? How does your intake look? Fuel filter?
sounds like the timing could be waaaaaaaay off, my car usta idle at 400 rpms and it was really fucking slow even though I had just replaced the plugs, cap, rotor and wires.
Perhaps supply us with some history on this car... How long has it been doing this? Did it start doing this suddenly or was it a slow degredation? Has this car been sitting around, unstarted for a long duration or have you been driving it frequently? How does the car run when it's not idling? Have you performed any routine maintenace or tune ups?

The more we know the easier it will be for us to help. Good luck.

- Mike
My did that a while back. Replace all the ground wires and it went away! That may or may not be your problem. It is at least worth a shot.
Definitely check for intake leaks, even a small one can cause erratic performance.
i think its the air bypass valve. Only in proper operation when its cold. Made my supra and a mate's cressida run like dogs when they were cold. This was on a 5me, though im pretty sure a 5mge has it too?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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