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My Contract ends today ... no more Hi speed Internet at work

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Well, it's been great.

I spent more time reading postes on this forumn than doing work so I'm sad to say I will only have dial up internet access at my brothers house for maybe once a week for five minuts at a time. :cry:

How will I survire without :puppydog:

I wanted to say thanks for any help I've gotten 'cause I sure did apreciate it and believe me, I'll be back on the forumn whenever I can.

Thanks Y'all :wedrunk:
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Time to buy a pc and get some cheap internet access...we gonna miss ya :D
Don't give up man! You can still type as fast as you did,.. just wait until about 3 a.m. to sendso that no one else will be online to slow your access down. I know it's a bummer, but go eat a sandwich or something between post uploads... ;)

start hanging out at your local library - thats what I did when my PC was down.
I use sprint PCS vision when I'm not at home... doesn't use your minutes!! they have a cap of 1GB of xfer though...
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