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My Custom SS '83 Supra with b-kit

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What do you guys think of this, I cant decide to keep my supra like this or put the fog light back on, I tried to make it look like a ss Camaro. Basically I took 2 grills and cut them out to fit properly. Would look nice if the body was blue with white racing stripes.
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Interesting. I like the front facia, but think it would look better with the fogs and the SS badge gone. Get an FMIC to sit behind that Erubuni front.
put some fog lights behind the grill :p see how that looks
Hmm...looks nice. I like what you did with the grill. But the orange turn signals really stand out now. All black car then...ORANGE. I took care of that on my black 82. Just got a can of TESTORS black tint spray (The Testors spray like they use on those little "build it yourself" model cars) and sprayed my turn signals. The paint is thin enough for the light to still shine through and blink. The car would be all black in the front because it's tinted. Trust me it looks Dope! Only a $3.00 can of paint. You gotta try it. Woah!
Im liking the grill.... a lot, but ditch the SS, it's kinda like seeing GTR on a honda or Type R on a Tercel. Maybe throw some fogs or driving lights begind the grill where the stock ones go? Or ducting some cold air from where the fogs were to your inake? Just an idea
id definitely put some fogs behind the grill, and i also agree with removing the SS... not to be rude, but you dont wanna be ricey do ya?

if you really really like it and are willing to take crap from every chevy driver, then leave it on, lol.
although its a bad angle to show it, this fellow did it to his 84...
For street legal reasons I'll probably put it back to normal, The SS emblem does make it look ricey indeed, I was just curious what you guys thought before I put the new fogs in.
That pic is just photoshopped anyway.

This was discussed before, and I really wonder what it would look like in person. I'd like to see it for real (up-close and personal) some day. I think it might look really good, but wouldn't want to lose the foglights. I've looked at doing it on one of my Supras. It might be hard to set the foglights back the half inch needed to make it all work.

Just my 2 cents.
Supra SS???? WTF. Thats almost as bad as the GTR badged 6 cyl Mustang I saw yesterday.
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