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My finally restored smothed side 85

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:drool: 85 Black Supra and smooth :drool:
:hail: :rockon: That looks awsome
looks nice, how about some close ups , black is so hard to see details
zankone said:
:drool: 85 Black Supra and smooth :drool:
:hail: :rockon: That looks awsome
Some how i knew u was gonna open your mouff. :twisted:
8) Looks very sweet and cool 8)
Hmmm it motivates me to continue restoring mine up and forget about a super deep red :jump-gay:
Very nice job
Drop dead gorgeous!
nice paint job i'm thinking of going black on my 82 as well keep up the good work
I think that any Supra is good looking but a clean black one really shows off the shine! 8)
niiiiice :)

much like i want my car to look... very much like it.
yep, looks nice. But could you get another pic with the side in the sun instead of the shade?
Black rules :) Lets see some detail pics! :thumbup:
Ditto, black is the best, of course. I want to see some closeups, especially of the area around the wheel arches. Thanks.
Saaaaahhhhwhhhheeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat...aignt nothing like a hot looking black mk2...good work.

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Great looking ride. Black sure is a sharp color. Its great to know people take so much pride in thier cars.
Good show
Dick B. :smilecol: :D
Not to steal yer look but i have the same car , and i gotta take those ugly sid emouldings off and shave the flares..... but your car looks fukin great.. :p
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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