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Hi and welcome to the forum!

The normal things to check/replace on a car that has been sitting are:

Plug wires
Radiator hoses
Heater hoses
Coolant flush/refill
Brake fluid flush/refill
Brake lines
windshield wipers
Battery cables
Vacuum lines
Air filter
Oil change & oil filter

As for setting the timing, I will get some photo's up and reply again.

209 Posts

As for setting you timing. These instruction for a 5m-GE, so I don't know how usefull they will be to your motor.

There are 5 elements to setting your timing.

1)Timing marks

2)Timing notch on your crankshaft pully

3)Distributor adjustment bolt

4)Timing check connector (sorry, no picture)

5)Timing light. (sorry, no picture)

Ok, here is the basic run down.

The engine should be warmed up before you begin (I think).

1)Take a short piece of wire (5-10cm) and strip both ends. Find the timing check connector and remove the cover. )It is helpful to buy a repair manual for your car as it will help you to find/understand a lot of things, one of which is where the timing check connector is on your car.) Use the wire to short the 2 points on the timing check connector. This tells the computer that you want to set the timing.

2) Hook up the timing light. The timing light looks like a pistol and has 3 wires attached to it. Two of the wires attach to the battery posts (+ & -) and the 3rd wire has a "hook" which goes around the #1 spark plug wire.

3)loosen the distributor adjustment bolt. Do not remove it and do not loosen it a lot, and do not move the distributor until you are ready to adjust the timing.

4)Mark the timing notch with a white grease pencil or similar and make sure your timing marks are clearly visible (they are usually coverd in oily dirt if the engine hasn't been cleaned recently).

5) Make sure the timing light wires are not near any moving parts and start the engine. With the engine running, you should be able to point the timing light at the timing marks and pull the trigger and see what the current timing of your engine is. The timing light will only flash when the #1 cylinder is firing, so it will look like a fast strobe light. You should be able to see the timing notch sitting next to a degree mark when the light flashes. The timing notch will look like it is not moving. Remember that there is a timing notch on both sides of the crankshaft pully and you will want to use the grease pencil on the engine side mark, not the fan side mark (the fan side mark is the obvious mark in the photo above). Use one hand to hold the timing light, and with your other hand SLOWLY turn the entire distributor without pulling on it and you will see the timing notch move in relation to the timing marks. Stock setting for the 5m-GE is 10 degrees before Top Dead Center (TDC), but I do not know what it is for the 5m-E (The manual will have that info). Once you have the distributor in a position where the notch is sitting next to the 10 degree mark, stop the engine, tighten the distributor adjustment botl and remove the timing light and the timing check connector wire and replace the connector cover.

That should be about it.

If I am wrong about any of this, please correct me, and if you have any questions I will try to answer them as best I can (I am also NOT a mechanic).
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