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Hy guy. I have the pleasure to tell you that my mk2 will take place in an autocross event specially created for the DRIVE YOUR DREAMS promotional days at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve here in Montréal.

Good point tough that this model make part of the car's lineup in the new game as everybody have seen on other post.

Our goal will be to make publicity about autocross event and promoting our racing club by the way. I will take onboard various people ( guest mostly young gamer's ) and give them a taste of controled environnement racing condition. Those young guy's better race their first car in security and out of the street.

Just a bit disapointed about the fact that my car is absolutly not looking as a brand new one, various paint modification, but I feel great about the fact that it is race prep and have a very great handling on the track.

I will certainly put a huge smile on young enthusiastic as I'm not looking to slow my pace. Event will take place this saturday so I encourage other montreal member's to show up with their car as there will be an exposition of show car such as Audi R8, Lambo LP460, McLaren SLR, Ferrari 430 Spyder, Viper GTS, Ferrari Scuderia and Aston Martin DBS. Other more affordable car will be exposed by our club member with possibility for friend's car.

MK2-1jz, as your car look identical to the one in forza, maybe you could bring it and enjoys that sunny day that I hope will have on saturday.
Picture further next week.
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