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My Supra is now complete

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I have finished my supra. The paint work has come up perfect. I also fitted in some custom speaker door pods. I will take more photos soon and post for you all to enjoy.

Let me know what you think!!! It has been about six years in recovery for this supra and everything is in perfect shape and order!!! I'm loving it, it the best feeling to drive having heads turn and see and new looking supra!! :p :3gears:

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Awesome work know the only problem i can see is:

More Pictures ...don't be selfish man...load'm up.

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Looks real good. Could we possibly see the speaker pods from several other angles. And get some hints on how u made them.

Keep up the nice work, Beautiful Car.

very nice, is it a champagne color, or more of a silver??

me want pictures!!

and a write up on making the speaker pods :)
Awesome :drool:

What's the paint code? looks like 3C7 Rose Gray?


I will get some more photos this weekend and i will give details on the speaker pods, when i post up the photos.

Stay tuned.

More pics...more pics...Looks awesome for what I can see. That color is really nice on the Supra's....More pics!!!
The car looks great!

We have to meet up since you are located in Melbourne...

PM me when you get a chance...
Very nice Supra!
i'm really digging those pods... nice Soop' too. 8)
the pics dont come up. says im trying to access from outside imagestation.
copy the links and paste them in a new window.
i did that to start with. didnt work.
At the risk of repeating myself: if you want a painfree way to let us all see the pix sign up with loging in, no passwords, plenty of space, plus full size can't beat it.
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