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dragon16, you can't go by a compression check alone to determine if you have a BHG. I've seen slightly blown hgs before. In some cases, the temperture expansion from running or stressing the engine will open up the leak in the gasket, and the car will start burning coolant. But once it cools down and you do a compression check, the temps have returned to normal and the leak goes away. Compression is normal in that case. With this particular car I'm talking about, it would sometimes blow tons of white smoke out the tail pipe and sometimes it would run for days completely normal. 2 mechanics have looked at this car and said it has no bhg, yet sometimes it blows white smoke like nuts and it goes through a bunch of coolant.

The best way to check for a bhg is keeping an eye on the tailpipe for white smoke, white depoists on the plugs and bubbles in the cooling system like was already mentioned.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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