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Here's the photos I took from my trip. Hopefully others can add theirs too.

Buffalo bound!

with George in his Yaris

Being Canadian, we had to stop for cheap beer at the duty free.

on our way..

In buffalo, we met up with Joseph, and he mentioned that somebody was getting an extreme home makeover in the area (the TV show), so we had to check it out! Joseph said they got the most volunteers from Buffalo than any other episode filmed...5000! The tore a whole house down and rebuilt it from scratch, and every other house on the street was getting work done too. It was amazing to see so many people just attacking the jobsite...(8 guys roofing one house, 6 people painting a gets done fast with so many people!

This is Ashanti's. She waved at me before I waved at her, it didn't click who she was until she had walked past.

Once we had our fill, we headed out.

I love Joseph's car.... OMG so nice, and fast! It goes, stops and turns like no other!

Interstate cruising, all of my supra's systems are good to go!

Amanda was sleeping at this point, so I had to take shots through the windshield.

The beautiful rollings hills of PA

wanna buy some paper?

tunnel...just at touch shaky



Amanda got a stromboli. turns out the pepperoni version is a little smaller but the task looked a little daunting to her.

I'm ready to go

George's pizza was a little larger than expected

one word....defeat. I think this confirms it, this stromboli is made for a family lol. Russ.....don't even start with me!

the cars outside

greg's Mini Car

and onto the cars...

Even though this is some "top secret shit" it's going on the net...

you get one guess what this is.

autocrossing beast

Amanda doesn't like supra meets

but Steve does!

I can't believe Darcy Painted this in his garage

loooooove these rims. I would do anything to have them.

robbie's monster car

just incase boost isn't enough...or, if it takes a bit too long to build. What the hell robbie, you can't go fast enough as it is!?!?! lol!

serious business.... the most hardcore supra I have ever seen

and the nicest car I have ever seen..

looks niiice.

but doesn't get used very often. see the spider web? shit, even the spider is dead.

even the plating on the calipers is perfect.

joe's engine

joe's again. Can you tell I like this car??

My car

plastic is still white??

plating still good

interior blows my mind. it's too bad my car will never be this nice


no sags or cracks

we had some dinner, george and joseph had a drink.......together.

Billy M showed up late, but decided to join us for dinner.

and that's where my pictures end! what have you guys got?

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Looks like too much fun, but damn you for posting stromboli, it is one of the many thing I miss from living in PA when I was growing up.

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steve great pics, i would send you a bill for unauthorized photographs but your failure with the boli is payment enough. LOL

btw celicafanatic wrong, its a mtn dew can cut out not the label but very close.

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Joe, it's 'merica...don't you know that? I wish they had freedom cheese.

as per conversation with malloy and russ "is a potato the best you can do to represent freedom???" "why not freedom steak?"

You know i did steve you know i did.....remember that russ guy is a DICK!! ha ha
yeah, I did

....ya dick

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Great pics Steve - good to see everyone. I did not take any pics; to busy bsing. Don't feel so bad; I had to have Greg and Malloy help me finish my Stromboli.

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Steve--thanks for taking the time on the pics, and thanks for the Supra love on the black '82.

It was nice to meet you and check out the 7M swap in your car. Very tight!!

And of course it is always great to catch up with the usual suspects at these meets!
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