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Need advice and opinion on rust

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Is this car worth buying even for dirt cheap? How much work (moneywise) you guys guestimate for this to be fixed up? I'm sitting on the fence if I should buy this or not.

And can somebody please tell me if this is an L-type or a P-type? It's a MY85. Thanks!

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SliP said:
i paid CAN$1000 for this:
... CAN$250 -too much, in retrospect- for this: (not running, hole in block, parts car only)
... and this cost me CAN$300, had a blown tranny:
... unless you're looking in the CAN$3-400 range (if only becuase it's drivable), i'd stay away.
Why can't I pick up that many MA61s that cheap in Australia :cry:

Oh well... From what I have been hearing from other members is to paint the rust once cut out with POR-15 Paint... It is paint which is very good apparently. Ask JustCallMeFrank as he has painted his GA61 just recently with this type of paint to reduce the Rust.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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