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Need advice and opinion on rust

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Is this car worth buying even for dirt cheap? How much work (moneywise) you guys guestimate for this to be fixed up? I'm sitting on the fence if I should buy this or not.

And can somebody please tell me if this is an L-type or a P-type? It's a MY85. Thanks!

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I would pass on that one dude unless you just wanna help out your friends @ CS forums we can always use a good donor car for parts. $500? not, I know that the value of ones personal property is determined but the owner however he may need to reassess his property. If it does not run he will have to pay someone to remove it if he does not sell it, I think that the people that loves these cars are all pretty much here and you have to have a lot of love for them to even think of taking on that for a project. Wait him out and then offer him 100.00 or it will just sit there and the cancer will just eat it away.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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