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Need advice and opinion on rust

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Is this car worth buying even for dirt cheap? How much work (moneywise) you guys guestimate for this to be fixed up? I'm sitting on the fence if I should buy this or not.

And can somebody please tell me if this is an L-type or a P-type? It's a MY85. Thanks!

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Its definately a total loss but if any of the interior parts are worth salvaging, I could help you make some money depending on how cheap you can get the car. I need good blue interior parts. See my post at

I know there's some differences between 84 and 85 but I'm not going to be too picky at this point.

Check other posts in the wanted section. If you've got the time to remove and ship parts, you could clean up. If you don't buy it, let us know what salvage yard they haul it to.

Phil D. (who desperately needs blue stuff)
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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