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Need advice and opinion on rust

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Is this car worth buying even for dirt cheap? How much work (moneywise) you guys guestimate for this to be fixed up? I'm sitting on the fence if I should buy this or not.

And can somebody please tell me if this is an L-type or a P-type? It's a MY85. Thanks!

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Well I have definately seen worse.
You really have to get inside, removed the hatch carpet and side panels to see how much is eaten away.
From just an exterior point of view, to get this looking pretty, you'll be spending far more money than what it will cost for a relatively rust free unit as the boyz on this site already pointed out.
Now is the time of year when people realize they need there garage space so the toys get sold off. Be patient and wait for something more solid. But hey, if your friend is cute and you really want to help her out, buy it for parts.
Of course, just my opinion.
By the way, it is a PTYPE.
Give us a few more details as well.
Mileage, std or auto. Condition of interior.
I'd be interested in the fog lights, at least the passenger side one looks pretty shiny still.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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