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need advice pls

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just wanted to know somethin,.. on the pacesetter site it said that the headers for the mk2 might need modification to fit,l does it? what do i have to do to make em fit.. also they havent listed prices.. any idea how much headers will cost

one more question pls.. who makes cold air intake for our car..?mk2

and last.. me heard things abt making holes in air filter housings or whatever( the plastic thing around the filter) do i just take a knife and stab holes it it or what?
thanks advice would be appreciated for a newbie.. p.s hope to see yall on the 15th socal meet


zank gave me some adviceabout the airfilter and cai.. thank you
but i still need input on the pacesetter headers please

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:scratch: Holly dajavu...i thought that i saw this post somewhere else.

u did..
zank told me that it was a turbo section so i re posted here

for future referece... dont use subject lines like "hey", most people (unless they are reaaaally board like me) wont click on them... hence you wont get an answer :D
I used a circular drill bit to cut 1 1/2"(guesstimate) holes evenly throughout my airbox. I noticed two things after doing this, very very slight improvement mostly at higher RPMs and the check engine light coming on when pushing the engine.
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